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Information about the city of Yessentuki

Dear residents and guests of the resort city of Yessentuki,

Yessentuki is the resort of federal importance,  considered the largest and popular drinking and balneological resort of our country. The Yessentuki mineral  springs are international standards of healing hydrochloric alkaline waters.

Health resorts here specialize in treatment of diseases of a digestive tract, liver and metabolism.

Yessentuki is a quiet and peaceful city, a medical resort and a favourite vacation spot of most of the Russians. For this reason more than 150 thousand vacationers accept annually health resorts.

Staying in the resort is not only medical procedures, but also a good rest. Guests and residents of the resort can visit sights of Yessentuki, go on excursions to other cities of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region to visit theaters, museums, clubs, restaurants and cafes.

Yessentuki, as well as all region of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, is famous for a large number of warm and sunny days in a year, thanks to that, holidaymaking is popular here even in winter.

The resort area is planted well with trees and shrubs, it is  arranged well and occupies the central part of the city, there are two resort parks with well-planned infrastructure and terrenkurs here.

The great interest is caused by a city architecture. Among the most beautiful buildings there are the Upper mineral Bathtubs, Mud Baths, Tsanderovsky institute of medical gymnastics.

In recent years active reconstruction of the existing sanatoria is conducted and building of new resort objects.

Despite the high capacity of the enterprises and organizations, external investments are necessary to the city. The management of the city works constantly on creation of favorable investment climate for tourist– recreational development and social infrastructure, new production capacities.

Having visited the resort of Yessentuki at least once, you will come back by all means here again and again. This city is created for rest and recovery of health by the nature, it lives actively and develops. Gradually changing, it nevertheless remains original, cozy and hospitable, forever winning the heart of everyone who has visited it.

We are always glad to see you! Welcome!

Yessentuki Mayor
Alexander Nekristov